The Farm

Bradley Vaughn – Owner of Buffalo Mountain Cattle Company

We operate the Buffalo Mountain Cattle Company, specializing in Chiangus Beef. Our farm is home to our cow-calf operation and was the original home place of Garver and Minnie Vaughn, grandparents to owner, Bradley Vaughn. Bradley farms full time, taking care of more than 600 acres of land and 100+ breed cows. Most of the cows have names and though they are born to breed, they are also family. A few of our favorites include Minnie, Socks, Spot, America and of course Ms. Hazel, named after Bradley’s mother. We have four bulls, all of Chiangus Purebred stock. Danicus, Boagrius, Leonitus and Fletcher live a life of leisure and are fairly calm. They can be a little cantankerous during breeding, but for the most part are gentle giants. A word of caution though, best to steer clear of all of the cattle just to be safe.

Video’s of life on the farm:  Fun on the Farm  Breakfast on the Farm

During calving season, we have taken to liberty of naming calves born during a guests stay with the guests name.  Here are a few: